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USA Legion of Merit to Chief of Staff Lt.General Aviv Kochavi - November 2022
Updated  All pages of the decorations of IDF, Police and Prison Service - new pictures and data - October 2022
Updated September 2022 
Clear picture of the decoration "Hero of Israel", the first and highest decoration of Israel
Medal commemorating 75 years to victory on Germany 1945-2020, award ceremony
  Security Zone in Lebanon" campaign ribbon - Letter of Chief Of Staff Aviv Kochavi - August 2022
Rules for wearing decorations
Foreign decorations to Israeli military
Medal for Service in Israel
Chief of Staff Medal of Appreciation

Special or Rare Items
Updated the pages on Firefighting and Rescue Service decorations August 2022

Frequently asked questions about the decorations of Valor, Courage and Distinguished Service. Who produces them? Are they numbered?

How to check if you are entitled to the campaign ribbon for service Lebanon security zone
IDF begins distributing campaign ribbons to troops who fought in southern Lebanon, June 7, 2021
New campaign ribbon to be awarded for service in Lebanon Security Zone - March 1, 2021
Updated Different versions of ribbons, June 11, 2021
Medal commemorating 75 years to victory on Germany 1945-2020 - October 2020
Chief of Staff grants US Central Command head IDF medal - January 23, 2019
Eisenkot awards Medal of Appreciation to the Gaza Division - October 10, 2018
73 years on, Italy awards Jewish Brigade medal of valor for fighting Nazis - October 10, 2018

Italy's Gold Medal for Military Valor to the IDF's 7th Armored Brigade

Medal commemorating 70 years to victory on Germany 1945-2015 - November 2015
New: Firefighters Medal of Courage and Medal of Exemplary Service - November 2015
 Added link to All Badges - Israel's largest collection of badges - October 2015
US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey receives a medal of appreciation from IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot, June 9, 2015.
Association of Disabled Veterans of Fight against Nazism 2015 - May 2015
IDF decorations awarded for actions during "Operation Protective Edge" (צוק איתן) February 2015
IDF to issue campaign ribbons for Operation Protective Edge January 2015
Chief Of Staff Citation to Shayetet 13 – The naval commando unit October 2014
Medal awarded by Israeli military attaché in Chile January 2013
June 2012, Updated page Special or rare Items, Some Jewish Decorations from around the world
June 2012, Updated page on Foreign forces in Israel, First World War (1914 - 1918) British medals,

General Allenby decorated in Jerusalem 1918 Ottoman War Medal with bar "Palestine"

Updated page Special or rare Items,

Commemorative medals of the Six Day War, June 2012

Medals connected to the Sinai - Suez Canal conflict of 1956 May 2012
Updated: Medals of peacekeeping and observer forces on Israel's borders. May 2012
Updated: Medals of foreign forces for service in Israel. May 2012
Israel 50 Years medal. Does anybody knows this medal, offered on Ebay? May 2012
Updated: IDF Marching medals, May 2012
Updated: Introduction to this site, April 2012
New: Israel Air Force commander Maj.-Gen. Ido Nehushtan was awarded the US Legion of Merit , April 2012
Update: Samples of decorations awarded to British soldiers for service in Palestine, April 2012
New: Pictures of presentation ceremonies of the Medal for Service in Israel (military attachés), April 2012
Update: Foreign Medals to Israeli Security Forces, April 2012
Campaign ribbon of the Second Lebanon War combined with foreign ribbon, April 2012
Pictures of award ceremony: Israel Firefighters receive the Second Lebanon War campaign ribbon, April 2012
A medal for WWII veterans, commemorating 50 years to the victory on Germany. March 2012
Updated - Junk - offered on eBay March 2012
Updated - Junk or fake medals - Prison Service Medal March 2012
Updated - Police Medal of Distinguished Service March 2012
Updated- Medals of Firefighting and Rescue service March 2012
Marching medals - first medal , added March 2012
New Civilian Decoration: President's Award, added February 2012
Award ceremony of the IDF Marching medals , added February 2012
Jewish army units:
The Jewish Company of the Shanghai Volunteer Corps, 1932–42
Frequently asked question: Are there falsifications of Israeli medals on the market? February 2012
Foreign decorations to Israeli military updated February 2012
Article on the history of the IDF "Four Days March" - hebrew only added February 2012
A rare medal of the 1956 Four Days Marches added February 2012
Pictures of a collection of the IDF "Four Days March" medals, starting from 1957 to 1978
Picture of early design for The Medal for Service in Israel - added October 2011

Medal remembering 65 years to victory on Germany 1945-2010, awarded to Jewish Fighters against the Nazis,

added May 2011


Pictures of the Medal of Distinguished Service as presented in the year 2007, to the family of Captain Dr. Igor Rothstein, April 7, 2011
Program for the Notrim convention in Tel Aviv for the ceremony of awarding the Hamishmar Ribbon to the Jewish Settlement Police, April 6, 2011
Samples of decorations awarded to British soldiers for service in Palestine, April 6, 2011
"Road of Heroism" Monument Medal
The medals and ribbons of Jacob Aptekman, born in Russia, watchman in Palestine, volunteer in WW1 and WW2 in the British army. June 1, 2010
No falsifications but a memorable gift! April 25, 2010
Chief of Staff Citation on cloth version of the Second Lebanon War Ribbon April 14, 2010
1943 Warsaw Getto Uprising Badge, March 31, 2010
Israel Air Force Commander Maj.-Gen. Ido Nehushtan was awarded the Santos Dumont Medal of Merit from Brazil’s military attaché to Israel, March 22, 2010
Added award certificate of HaShomer Service Ribbon, March 15, 2010
Israel Security Award, picture of second award, March 4, 2010
Frequently Asked Questions March 3, 2010
Historic picture of Negev villages receiving the campaign ribbon of War of Independence. February 2010
What is the difference between older and newer versions of decorations? January 8, 2010
A cloth version of the Second Lebanon War Ribbon! , December 18, 2009
State Warriors Commemorative Medal, September 17, 2009
Added Police Inspector General's Citation, September 14, 2009
Added a page on different versions of ribbons, September 2, 2009
Added award certificate of the Mandate Prisoners Decoration, August 27, 2009
In Blood and Fire Israel arose Who knows this medal? July 28, 2009
Added award certificate of the Lehi ribbon, July 23, 2009
Added pictures of the original Hagana ribbon and award certificate of Yaacov Dori, the first IDF Chief of Staff, July 12, 2009
Added award certificate for the Six Day War ribbon, July 6, 2009
Added Two generations of Jewish fighters: Gershon and Yakov Bolde, June 16, 2009
Added UK General Service Medal with clasp PALESTINE 1945-48 to soldier Szpunt , June 16, 2009
Added Eretz Israel Volunteers Medal", 1918, June 16,2009
Added page of Palmach decorations, June 14,2009
Medal for Italian military attache in Israel for 3 periods of service, June 14,2009
Added page "Prime Minister's Medals" - keychains, June 14,2009
Added Jewish Decorations from around the world , April14, 2009
Updated page Badge for the Disabled , April14, 2009
Added certificate of the Six Day War campaign ribbon , April 10, 2009
Added page Civilian decorations , April 10, 2009
Added page Knesset Guard officials wearing campaign ribbons April 8, 2009
Added page Israel Fire and Rescue Services personnel wearing campaign ribbons April 8, 2009
Added Pictures to Second Lebanon Campaign Ribbon Award ceremonies April 8, 2009
Automatic arrangement of IDF and MOD ribbons - a rackbuilder - March 31,2009
  Added Picture gallery of Medal of Courage and Medal of Distinguished Service recipients, March 30, 2009
Picture of Etzel veteran added, March 30, 2009

Automatic arrangement of Police and Prison Service ribbons - a rackbuilder - March 28,2009

Automatic arrangement of IDF ribbons - a rackbuilder - March 27,2009

Updated page on citations

A new page about the medals awarded to foreign forces that once operated in the land of Israel

March 3, 2009

A page dedicated to the medals of the underground organizations existing in Israel till 1948.

War of Independence campaign ribbon document

March 1, 2009. Several documents added to campaign and service ribbons, supplied by Tal Inbar

Second Lebanon War Ribbon The Israel Defense Force dumps another tradition

The new campaign ribbon for the Second Lebanon War is only presented in metal version, covered with enamel, this in contrast to the other IDF ribbons that were all cloth ribbons. The origin of the ribbon is the way medals were once awarded - hanging on a ribbon. The use of enamel instead of silk or other textile by the IDF is another step in doing away with old traditions. Since it is very unlikely that one will combine the new enamel ribbon with cloth ribbons for other campaigns or decorations, the consequence is that from now on only enamel versions will be worn! The next step may be a simple plastic pin, made in China.

Updated, January 2008, decorations of 1948,clasps on War of Independence ribbon

Added: documents to the Etzel ribbon and Hamishmar ribbon

Added: Proposal to add a medal to the War of Independence Ribbon

September 2007, Decorations for acts in the Second Lebanon War were awarded
June, 2007 Added picture of award document of medal for 60 years to victory on Germany 1945-2005, and other minor updates.

Added picture of Airman's Meritorious Service Medal
November, 2005
October,2005 Added credit to contributors, added pictures to police, medal of valor, State Warrior pages and fixed some errors
July 22,2005 Added list of towns and villages entitled to the War of Independence Ribbon
July 20,2005 Added Statistics and Summary of decorations awarded till 2005
June 8, 2005 Updates on several pages, picture of Avigdor Kahalani added, page a IDF ranks added

New medal for WWII veterans - medal for 60 years to victory on Germany
May 2005

For the first time after 23 years again decorations are awarded
April 12, 2005

Pictures of Chief Of Staff Medal of Appreciation, awarded to Colonel Ilan Ramon, Israel's first astronaut

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