Syrian Decorations and Campaign medals awarded for wars against Israel
1948 War of Independence of Israel
Order of the Palestine Campaign

This medal has also been referred to as the "Palestine Medal".

Established: By Legislative Decree No. 13 of 18 December 1951.

Obverse: A 37 mm x 50 mm dark bronze circular medal with an upward extension, showing a green-enameled laurel wreath around a map of Palestine and the Jordan Valey. To the right the Arabic inscription "Palestine" and, to the left, the date "1948". The medal is topped by crossed swords, and above that a dome-shaped depiction of a church topped by a crescent.

Reverse: Plain.

Ribbon: 38 mm, medium red with two black stripes. Red 7 mm, black 6 mm, red 12 mm, black 6 mm, red 7 mm.

Awards: Syrian forces numbered around 8000 troops

1973 Yom Kippur War

6th October Medal

Established: By Legislative Decree No. 19 of 15 February 1974.

Obverse: A 44-mm bronze five-pointed rayed star, with floreate designs between the rays. In the center, a circular medallion, enameled white, with a dark-enameled map of the Arab world in the center. Suspended by an ornate trophy of arms and Syrian eagle.

Reverse: The Arabic legend "Medal of 6th October".

Ribbon: Red, with a 4 mm white center stripe edged by 4 mm black stripes.

Awards: Some 45,000 men participated in the war.