Jordanian Campaign medals awarded for wars against Israel
1948 War of Independence of Israel

Wisam al-Amalila al-Herbi Alm 1948 (Medal for War Service 1948)


Picture Edwin  Parks

1968 Battle of Karama

The Battle of Karama Medal

This medal was instituted by King Hussein I in 1969.

Awarded to Jordanian Armed Forces  who participate in the defence of Karama and Jordan when the Israeli forces crossed the River Jordan on 23rd March 1968, and who  forced them to withdraw back into Israeli territory.

Picture Tal Inbar

1973 Yom Kippur War

Great Ramadan War Medal

(Midalat al-Harb Ramadan al-Mubaraqa): instituted by King Hussein on 1st January 1974 to recognise those who participated in the Third Arab-Israeli War in 1973.