Iraqi Decorations and Campaign medals awarded for wars against Israel
1948 War of Independence of Israel
Medal for the Palestine War, 1948-49 (Nut Herb Filistin 1948-49)

Established: Law No. 32 of 1959.
Obverse: White metal, 40 mm. An eight-pointed bronze star, enameled red, with bronze flames on each point. In a central multi-colored enameled medallion, a map of Palestine with Al-Aqsah Mosque in the center and an armed soldier advancing from lower right. Lower left, an inscription, "Aaidoon" or "We are coming back".

Reverse: Above, the curved Arabic inscription "Al-Jamhuriya al-Iraqiya" or "The Iraqi Republic." Below, a scroll. The center is blank.

Ribbon: 30 mm, equal stripes of black, green, red, green, and black. Black 6 mm, green 6 mm, red 6 mm, green 6 mm, black 6 mm.

Awards: Between 8000 and 10000 Iraqi troops were sent to this war.

1973 Yom Kippur War
Medal for the 1973 War with Israel

Obverse: A 43-mm circular gilt medal, enemeled in concentric circles (reading inward) in black, white, and red; the white circlet bears two sets of three green-enameled stars (giving the overall impression of the Iraqi flag). In the center, a gilt triangle, edged green, with the white-enameled Arabic legand "6 Teshrin" or "6 October". Below, on a gilt plaque, the date "1973". Suspended by a linked ring from a straight-bar suspender.

Reverse: Plain.

Ribbon: 35 mm, red with a center stripe of yellow interwoven with gold metallic thread; 11 mm red, 13 mm gold-yellow, 11 mm red.