How to check if you are entitled to the campaign ribbon for service Lebanon security zone?
For hebrew speakers: read the following pages



Enter your ID number here: https://wiz.medone.idf.il/mu/ICR/BOT.aspx?l=8200

You can send an email to OtLebanon@digital.idf.il . Give them your name, address, ID number, data of service in Lebanon, unit data etc. Don't send classified information.
Don't be discouraged to read that you are not entitled to the ribbon.
If you want to appeal, use this form: https://wiz.medone.idf.il/mu/m/zjae8lxrtp  It helps if you can give the exact data of your service.
The IDF committee for appeals meets once a month, so be patient.
If you are entitled to the campaign ribbon and don't live in Israel, be sure that IDF knows your present address. Send an email to OtLebanon@digital.idf.il