Marching medals

Starting in 1955 the Israel Defense Forces organized the "Four days marches" similar to those in Nijmegen, Netherlands. From 1957 onwards the goal of the last day of the marches was Jerusalem. Since 1974 the march is a one day walk around Jerusalem and called the "Jerusalem march". The medals were issued with a blue-white ribbon. They were never officially recognized as military service medals. This in contrast to the four days marches in the Netherlands, that were behind the idea of the IDF marches.

Here pictures can be seen of the 1957 award ceremony.

More about the history of these marches can be found in the Yediot Ahronoth article (Hebrew language only) of 18.4.2003, of which scans are to be found here.

The last meters of the 160 kilometer of the four-day march to Jerusalem, outside the "Binyanei Ha'ooma", Jerusalem Congress centre.


Israeli Paratrooper Girls. Note the first soldier wearing the medal on her uniform.

The medals
The medal that was presented to the participants in 1955 was of a type as used for many events: the front shows the IDF symbols and name, the back was inscribed: 4 Days Marches 1955. From 1956 a specially designed bronze medal was awarded. From 1968 the medal did not longer contain the text " 4 Days March" but "1968 March". Since 1974 the text is "Jerusalem March". All medals were produced by Kretschmer company.
The medal of the first march in 1955  
 front back  
1956 -1960 type    
Four days march - medal 1958
a rare 1956 medal 1957 1958
Four days march - medal 1959 Four days march - medal 1960
1959 1960

 5 times participant

Source: Roman

1961 - 1967 type    
Four days march - medal 1961 Four days march - medal 1962 Four days march - medal 1963
1961 1962 1963
Four days march - medal 1964 Four days march - medal 1965 Four days march - medal 1966
1964 1965 1966
Four days march - medal 1967 Four days march - medal  5 times participant Four days march - medal 10 times participant

5 times participant

10 times participant

1968 - 1971 type      
Four days march - medal 1968 Four days march - medal 1969 Four days march - medal 1970 Four days march - medal 1971


1970 1971
1972 -1978 type    
1972 1973 1974
1975 1976 1977

15 times participant

On the reverse of the 1977 medal :
 "for taking part in 20 marches"

On the reverse of the 1977 medal: 25 Years Israel  The ribbon  

Certificates of participation

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Pictures of a beautiful collection of the IDF "4 days March" medals, starting from 1957 to 1978, offered on eBay

A medal of the Canadian Jewish community for the "March to Jerusalem", a yearly fundraising event in Montreal. Not related to the Jerusalem march in Israel.

With thanks to Ron Kohls for sending these pictures.

Civilian Marching Medals