Medals of Diverse Marches


year Hebrew year   front   back
? ? 250 Hours March


1976   Arad

Family March

Independence Day

1970   Egged

Sukkot March

1971   Egged

Spring March

1995   Fifth Golan March  
1986 תשמ"ו Gush Ezion March  
1993   Hadera March  
    Kfar Shemaryahu  
1982   Third

Ma'alot Tarshicha


1978   First Ma'apilim March    
1988   Mateh Asher  
1992   Mount Meron March  
1984   Nature Protection Week  
1987   Nature Protection Week    
1982 תשמ"ב Nes Ziona March    
1990 פסח תש"ן Second Israel Electric March

13th Or Akiva March


From Or David to Or Akiva

1965 תשכ"ה Tel Chai March    
1968 תשכ"ח Second Tel Chai March  
1970 תש"ל Tel Chai March  
1990 תש"ן Ra'anana



1993   Ra'anana


1980 תש"ם Forest and woodland March    
? ? Negev March  
1963 תשכ"ג Negev Night March    
1964 תשכ"ד Negev March    
1967 תשכ"ז Negev March

for Youth

1967 תשכ"ז Negev Night


? ? Ben Gurion March  
1995 תשנ"ו Third Ben Gurion March  
? ? Avshalom March

Nili Hero

1964 תשכ"ד IDF Independence Day Parade

Be'er Sheva

1965 תשכ"ה IDF Independence Day Parade

Tel Aviv


1973 תשל"ג IDF Independence Day Parade


1998 תשנ"ח 50 Years Independence

Jerusalem Day

Yovel March

    Dead Sea March  
1971   Masada March  
1983   Masada March  
    Arad Masada March    
1970 תש"ל Rehovot March    
    Rehovot March  
2007   Tamar Festival

Night March

    Rishon Lezion  
1971   Ashkelon Ashdod March    
    Shomrom Fifth Night March    
1988 תשמ"ח Second Shomrom March  
    Third Shomrom March  
1968   Petach Tikva    
1965 תשכ"ה Ga'aton

Picnic March

1978   Yamit March  
1980   Eleventh

Yizra'el Valley March

    Maccabi March    
1968 תשכ"ח Kiryat Ata  
2013   23th Latrun March  
1968 תשל"ח Hermon March  
    March in memory of Yoav and Arnon Vaspi  
1984   Jerusalem March

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