The Etzel Ribbon - award document


Source: Tal Inbar


Source: Tal Inbar


Accompanying announcement:
Ministry of Defense
Your right to wear the decoration of
National Military Organization - Etzel is recognized
the unit of service ribbons
attached the certificate and the ribbon

Source: Tal Inbar

The Etzel Ribbon - award ceremony

Official recognition of the contribution of the Etzel underground organization in the struggle for an independent state of Israel came only after former Etzel leader Menahem Begin became prime minister of Israel in 1977. Presentation of the ribbon started in 1979. Here follow some pictures of the April 4, 1979 ceremony at the Western Wall, Jerusalem.


Prime Minister Meneham Begin affixes the ribbon to Etzel flag
Prime Minister Begin during his speech
Prime Minister Begin presents the ribbon to mrs. Raziel Naor
K.M. Livni, of the Etzel command presents the ribbon to Menahem Begin

Pictures: Government Press Office, Herman Chanania

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