Medals of foreign forces for service in Israel and at its borders
Before the foundation of the state Israel, the Land of Israel (then also called Palestine) knew several foreign rulers and occupying forces. During the last 5 centuries the following periods can be distinguished:
  • Ottoman rule (15161831)
  • Egyptian rule (1831-1841)
  • Ottoman rule (1841-1917)
  • First World War (1914-1918)
  • British Occupation and Mandate (1917-1948)

Here we present some of the campaign, service and commemorative medals related to these forces as well as medals of peacekeeping and observer forces that were or still are present near the borders of Israel.


Britain-Egypt war 1840

Visit of German emperor to Jerusalem
in 1898

First World War (1914 - 1918)
German medals
Ottoman War Medal First World War (1914 - 1918)
British medals
First World War ANZAC Commemorative Medals
British Mandate (1920 -1948) Foreign Medals connected to the Sinai - Suez Canal conflict of 1956 Medals for US forces in relation to Israel Peacekeeping and observer forces