Foreign decorations to Israeli security forces

According to IDF regulations, Israeli military personnel is entitled to wear foreign decorations only after gaining permission of the Chief of Staff. Here are some pictures of foreign decorations awarded to Israeli security personnel.

USA Legion of Merit
List of Israeli military Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi Air Force Commander  Amikam Norkin Kobi Barak, Commander of the Ground Forces Air Force Commander Amir Eshel Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot
  Chief of Staff Benny Gantz Chief of Staff Ehud Barak Chief of Staff
Gabi Ashkenazi
Navy Commander Yedidia Ya'ari Air Force commander  Ido Nehushtan
South American Decorations:
Brasilian National Order of the Southern Cross to Search and Rescue Brigade Col. Avner Balkany, military attache of Israel in Brazil decorated with a Bronze Medal of Recognition Col. Avner Balkany, military attache of Israel in Brazil decorated with the Medal of Victory Brazil Santos Dumont Medal of Merit to Maj.-Gen. Ido Nehushtan Shimon Romach, commissioner of Israel Fire and Rescue Services, decorated with a Chilean medal Col. Hanny Caspi Awarded a Medal by Brazilian Ambassador in Israel
Decorations and medals of other countries:
Order of Merit of the Italian Republic  "Gathering of Eagles" decoration  Bundesverdienstkreuz the French Legion of Honour Four Days Marches of Nijmegen - Netherlands Italy's Gold Medal for Military Valor to the IDF's 7th Armored Brigade
 British decorations and service medals to Israeli citizens
WWI and WWII medals to Jacob Aptekman WWI medal toGershon Bolde Colonial Police Medal for Gallantry to Abraham Rabinovitch General Service Medal Palestine to Szpunt Israeli WWII veterans to be honored by Britain