Some Frequently Asked Questions
Are there falsifications of Israeli medals on the market?
  Yes, there are! Very often the seller is not prepared or able to give you any details on the origin of the medal. Copies of medals are found of very low quality.

Some also offer wooden presentation boxes, described as original. The original boxes were made of olive wood, on eBay boxes of other wood were offered

My father/grandfather served once in Israel during some war or campaign.
How can I find out if I am entitled to receive some service ribbon or campaign ribbon?
  If you did not find the answer on this site, you could write to:

The Ministry of Defense
The Department of Ribbons and Decorations
P.O 7093
Hakirya, Tel Aviv

Telephone: +972-3-6975671
Fax : +972-3-6934678
Are the service and campaign ribbons for sale?

Some of the campaign ribbons are still available in shops but finding the service ribbons (for acts done before the Independence of Israel) is much harder. You could try flea markets, collector meetings and internet sellers like eBay.
The campaign ribbons issued since 2007 (for the Second Lebanon War and Operation Protective Edge) are made of enamel covered metal and should actually be called badges. Since it is impossible to combine older textile ribbons with the new enamel ribbon, soon no textile ribbons will be worn any longer. Even soldiers decorated with one of the three highest decorations or citations, will wear only metal badges instead of the traditional cloth ribbons. This means that the cloth ribbons will someday disappear from the market and only the ugly metal badges will be sold.

Why are all these Israeli and Jewish things so expensive?

In comparison to other countries the Israeli decorations, service and campaign ribbons are quite expensive. Original IDF decorations are extremely rare, however even recent copies of the decorations cost a fortune. Prices are determined by the market interest in the items. There are few sellers and enough buyers - so prices will be high. As mentioned above, the cloth ribbons are no longer produced and this will make the price go up.
Besides - anything Jewish is expensive, only Heaven knows why.

I found a medal for sale on eBay that does not appear on your website.
How do I know that the medal offered on eBay is an official medal?

My website presents the decorations and ribbons instituted by the Israeli law and regulations. There exist many privately produced items such as commemorative medals, collector items and souvenirs of wars, army units and famous generals. Some army units presented or sold souvenir medals and key chains to servicemen. These items can be very interesting but were never worn on a uniform. Take care for eBay sellers that try to sell you a keychain as an official army medal, usually described as RARE!