State of Israel Bonds - official award medal 1965
In 1965 a special medal dedicated to the Bond Drive was produced. The first medal was awarded in 1965 by Prime Minister Levi Eshkol in person.

Description of the medal


Above, the inscription in English "State of Israel Bonds. Presented to ..."

In the center within a rectangle, the rest of the inscription " For service in the cause of Israel's development" and below, the signature of the Prime Minister.


The Hebrew words "Independence and Development Bond Drive" entwined in a burst of sunshine, symbolizing the source of energy.
The sun's rays cause the wheels of industry to move. Between the spokes of the wheel, enterprises appear which the bonds helped to develop.

Designer: Nathan Karp
Engraving: Kretschmer


The medal awarded to Mr. Dobekirir

Source all pictures above: Igor Ostapenko

Pictures found at eBay in 2002