Villages that received the War of Independence campaign ribbon in 1981

Atarot and Neveh Ya'akov

The villages of Atarot and Neveh Ya'akov to the north of Jerusalem were evacuated during the War of Independence and captured by the Jordanian army.  The Jordanians destroyed the village of Atarot completely and transformed the area into an international airfield. During the Six day war the area was conquered by the IDF. Only in 1981, the Minister of Defense Menahem Begin granted the defenders of what was once the village of Atarot, the
War of Independence campaign ribbon. Here pictures of the ceremony, on the remains of a landing strip of the Atarot airfield.

Mishmar haYarden  

Mishmar HaYarden was a moshava (Jewish settlement)  in the Upper Galilee in northern Israel. Most inhabitants supported the revisionist views of Zev Jabotinsky. On 10 June 1948, the settlement was attacked by the Syrian army, the village captured and destroyed after house to house fighting; fourteen residents and defenders of the moshava were killed. A small number of survivors fell captive to the Syrians and remained as prisoners of war for thirteen months. At the end of the war, on 20 July 1949, the area returned to control of Israel as part of the cease-fire to end the war, but the moshava was not rebuilt.

The inhabitants of the village did not receive the campaign ribbon together with the other numerous villages that under siege during the War of Independence, because they "did not do their duty", as they surrendered. Only many years later the ribbon was granted.

Sha'ar haGolan

Beerot Yitschak