"Security Zone in Lebanon" campaign ribbon - Letter of Chief Of Staff Aviv Kochavi

The campaign ribbon was presented or sent by mail accompanied by a letter from the Chief of Staff Lt. General Aviv Kochavi
Translation of this letter: 
Soldiers and commanders of the IDF Israel Defense Forse in regular and reserve service - soldiers of the Lebanon generation,

21 years ago, the gates of Lebanon were closed, and the 18-year fighting period that lasted in the security zone ended, but deep down, the Lebanon circle remains open. To the tens of thousands of soldiers and commanders who served in the security zone, the mission was clear: to protect the north and its inhabitants.

The First Lebanon War and the period of stay in the security zone shaped the northern arena, and to a large extent radiated and influenced the entire Middle East. To the generation of commanders that I and the members of the General Staff belong to, Lebanon was the school of war. She was as sharp as a sharpened knife, wounding us from time to time, but most of the time we sharpened on her blade. We developed fighting methods and faced a changing battlefield; there we learned and improved, and we changed, but sometimes we changed too late. The challenges and threats strengthened not only the professionalism, but also the responsibility for the human life and the ability of leadership and evil.

There in Lebanon we also met the compatriots, the fighters of the Lebanese Army and their commanders, which was their country. We served together and we fought together with a sense of unity of destiny and partnership. Lebanon deepened the closeness and forged the brotherhood of the fighters, and as the question grew, the difficulty of saying goodbye to a friend, soldier, or commander increased. The land of Lebanon charged us a heavy price, in body, in a wounded soul, and in many who followed the road to the end. Many others though returned from the arena and returned from the battlefield, but their battle is still in progress; the physically wounded and the mentally wounded are an example of determination and steadfastness, not only during the campaign, but also after it.

Awarding the campaign ribbon is a national and moral duty. Ceremonies and decorations are not just an external sign, they embody appreciation and respect, but first and foremost he expresses the values ​​of the people and the society. Surely the campaign ribbon is given to individuals and units, but it also indicates the country that grants it, a country that indicates that the values ​​of security, personal sacrifice and contribution to the whole are its values. The State of Israel faces many security challenges and in order to maintain a quality army, it must cherish and nurture its guards and its defenders, on the basic and valuable principle - that those who contribute to the state receive an equal amount back from it.

Generations of soldiers and commanders, wounded and bereaved families - be proud of your military service and your contribution for the security of the country. The State of Israel, the IDF and I at its head, salute you.

The gate to Lebanon was closed 21 years ago, and now that the campaign ribbon has been distributed, the circle of recognition has also closed.

Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi                                                                                                                 Sivan  5781
Chief of General Staff                                                                                                                                June 2021

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