Service Medal of the Israel Police

Hebrew name: Itur HaSherut

Awarded for service at the Israel Police, distinguished by an outstanding contribution to the achievement of the goals of the Police, through a single outstanding act, perseverance or exemplary dedication. This decoration is awarded by the Chief Commissioner of Police.

The designer of the medal was Nathan Karp. On a cupro-nickel alloy disc, is a portion of the police emblem, on the right an olive branch. The ribbon is blue with a single white stripe. The medals were first minted in 1974 by Kretschmer of Jerusalem and issued by the Israel Government Coins and Medals Corporation.

Awards to civilians
The medal is not awarded to civilians.


Medal versions:


Early version

Medal: cupro-nickel alloy medal with serial number (here covered).

Clasp: Dimensions 45.2 x14 mm. Probably nickel.

Ribbon width 40 mm.


Modern version

Medal: nickel

Clasp: Dimensions 41.5 x 15 mm, chrome covered metal

Ribbon width 40 mm.



Samples of police officers wearing the ribbon of this decoration:

Police Major General  Israel Yitschak Police Major General Israel Yitzchak, wearing enamel ribbons of the Police Service Medal, Yom Kippur and "Peace For Galilee*


Police Major General Uri Bar-Lev, wearing enamel ribbons of the Police Service Medal, and "Peace For Galilee*

 Picture: Dudi Vaknin