IDF decorations to be awarded for actions during "Operation Protective Edge"

IDF has announced that the Medal of Distinguished Service will be awarded to Lt. Eitan Fund of the Givati Brigade’s reconnaissance company. Lt. Fund endangered his life in an effort to save Lt. Hadar Goldin after Goldin was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists. During a confrontation between IDF soldiers and Hamas in Gaza, Fund noticed a hidden entrance into a tunnel. When Goldin was discovered missing, Fund did not hesitate to run into the tunnel to try to find him, despite the obvious danger. He found indications that enabled to declare that Goldin was killed in action.


Also citations will be awarded, as shown in the following pictures. The crossed sword and olive branch of the citations are mounted on the campaign ribbon.

Chief Of Staff Citation

(Tsalash Ramatkal)

Officer Commanding Territorial Command Citation

(Tsalash Aluf)

Divisional Commander Citation

(Tsalash Mefaked Ugda)

Brigade Commander Citation Also the Brigade Commander Citation (Tsalash Mefaked Hativa) will be awarded, the ribbon without crossed sword and olive branch. In order not to confuse this citation with the campaign ribbon, the Brigade Commander Citation has an empty green ribbon, a very unlucky design.