German decorations for service in Palestine in WWI
Kyffhäuser medal with "PALÄSTINA" clasp

During the First World War German troops and officers appeared in the Land of Israel (Palestine) as allies of the Turks. In 1922 the "Kyffhäuserbund der Deutschen Landeskriegerverbände" veterans organisation instituted a medal to commemorate service in the First World War. Until the 1914-18 Honour Cross was instituted in 1934, the Kyffhäuser medal was often the only acknowledgement of First World War service for veterans. It could officially be worn with several campaign clasps such as "YSER", "VERDUN" and "MACEDONIEN". This one has the "PALÄSTINA" official clasp for service in the Palestinian Campaign 1916-18.
The Kyffhäuser medal was not an officially recognized award and in 1934 when the Honour Cross was instituted, this unofficial award was banned.

Pour le Mérite Order to General Kress von Kressenstein

Friedrich Freiherr Kreß von Kressenstein (April 24, 1870 – October 16, 1948) was a member of the group of German officers who assisted in the direction of the Ottoman Army during World War I as part of Otto Liman von Sanders military mission to Turkey. This German mission arrived in Turkey shortly before World War I broke out. In the First Battle of Gaza (March 1917) and the Second Battle of Gaza in April 1917, the British were defeated, the credit for these victories largely going to lieutenant colonel Kreß von Kressenstein who was awarded Prussia's highest order, the Pour le Mérite on September 4, 1917. On the picture below we see the general wearing the Turkish uniform and hat.

Some pictures on German presence in Palestine during the First World War: