State of Israel Bonds medals

In September 1950 Prime Minister Ben-Gurion called fifty Jewish leaders from the United States to attend a "Conference in Jerusalem". The purpose - to decide to raise capital for economic expansion of such magnitude that would make it possible for the country to absorb mass immigration.
It was decided to launch interest bearing "Independence and Development Bonds", the proceeds of which would be used for the development of agriculture and industry, the building of a deep sea port in Ashdod, exploiting of natural resources etc. The drive met with great success.
Several different medals produced by the Israel Government Coins and Medals Corporation were awarded to people who have been unusually successful in selling the "Independence and Development Bond". The medals were actually table medals to which a ribbon was added. Here follow some samples.

Israel 10 year Jubilee medal

awarded in 1958

"Valor of the Children of Israel in their homeland"

awarded in 1960

In 1965 a special medal dedicated to the Bond Drive was produced.

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Freedom medal awarded in 1966
Mrs. Paula Green received the Jerusalem Gates medal in 1991.



State of Israel Bonds medal awarded to Robert J. Ivanhoe in 2011